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90K Special VIP Injector has some of the best gaming features that make it stand out from other similar apps. Following is the list of features explained in detail.
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90K special VIP Injector is a third-party Android application that offers a wide range of features for Free Fire gamers. Now you can easily get all the menu items for free without ever spending a penny. As the free-fire game became better with time, it also started offering pro players lots of helping tools to make their gameplay more interesting and full of fun.

But with this app, you can get all these exclusive items for free, because it unlocks diamonds and coins you can use to purchase anything in the store. You can get free skins for various in-game characters, weapon skins, vehicle skins, and much more.  It also gives you access to fin Loot Location, Antenna Location, View Location, M47 Location, and R992 Location.

Furthermore, you can perform special acts that leave other players quite in shock and baffled. You may have witnessed a player flying vehicles, running faster than normal, and running in water in the FF game. This powerful tool helps you to manipulate the game in your favor by doing all the actions with little or no effort at all.

Similarly, the 90K special VIP Injector is easy to install and use. Any person with a little bit of knowledge of games can easily use this tool and get free resources and items. It runs smoothly on a low-ram Android device without any glitches. The interface of the app is designed simply to benefit gamers of all ages. Moreover, the menu background is updated in the latest app version.

More About 90K Special VIP Injector:

It is a free application that lets you get premium resources and materials available in the FF menu store.  The 90K special VIP injector allows you to inject various items into the gameplay. They range from unique game character skins to vehicle skins to backpack skins and more. You can easily use each and everything in the match such as many new FF skins new characters, Emotes, Guns, and much more items are added.

You can choose any item that you want to use in the game and it will automatically add the item into the game without charging anything. Have you ever failed to knock down opponents by misfiring or losing bullets? Well, not anymore. The app assists you in correctly aiming at opponents and taking precise headshots with low chances of missing the target.

It is very special because it allows you to keep playing the game without getting banned from the game. It protects and secures your gaming account so that you do not have to use a guest account to use this application. We are providing some other tools named PUBG injectors which have the same features for unlocking all the latest items in the game.

Using this app, you can fly vehicles, change skins during the game, and run faster than your opponents. You can reach the loot location before other players or camp at the loot site to get kills. It also allows you to dodge bullets and survive long enough in the game to win battles against experienced players. As you may also like BGMI Injector to get its amazing features in the game.

Features of 90K special VIP Injector:

90K Special VIP Injector has some of the best gaming features that make it stand out from other similar apps. Following is the list of features explained in detail. The HD graphics further assist you by providing a clearer picture of the map and its terrain. However, not all players can access these items, as they require players to win most matches and complete different tasks in the game.

Menu ESP

90K Special VIP Injector allows you to get more information on opponents such as name, rank, health bar, and many more. It also shows you the exact distance of other players and allows you to make your combat strategy.

Menu Location

It allows you to easily find where other players are hiding. The difficult part of Free Fire is finding enemies without getting noticed. By using this function you get to know the location of every player.

  • Loot Location
  • Antenna Location             
  • View Location
  • R992 Location

Menu Aimbot

Another key feature of the 90K Special VIP Injector is the menu aimbot. Aiming weapons with precision is quite difficult and you may end up being killed by other opponents. However, the aimbot method assists in improving aiming and it automatically aims and locks the target so that you do not waste a single shot fired in vain and knock down enemies with less effort and in no time. Some types are mentioned below

  • Anti-Blacklist
  • Big Head
  • Fix Body
  • Real Aimbot White
  • Long Head


This remarkable tool has a secret function that gives free-fire gamers a sigh of relief because it provides security to your account from being banned by the system. So feel free to use the latest application file of the 90K special VIP Injector without any doubts.


It allows the in-game character to travel from one location to another on the map quite easily and fast. As it happens in the games the loot is dropped at a place that is quite distant from your location. But this function allows you to travel via vehicle to reach faster than other players to the loot area and get the best weapons and other helping resources.

Drone camera

Use of the 90K Special VIP Injector you can easily see where other players are hiding with the Drone view camera. It provides you with a clear view of the map from above; it also zooms the map 2X to 10X.

Unlimited diamonds and coins

You can get here from unlimited diamonds and coins for free. Also, it provides you to access easily unlock all the premium menu items and other resources with the help of these diamonds and coins

Additional Features 90K special VIP Injector:

  1. Provides NCP Name
  2. Aim Scope
  3. New FF Skins
  4. Car Skins are available
  5. Invisible Machine
  6. Auto-headshot
  7. Auto-kill
  8. Fly vehicles
  9. Medkit
  10. Fast gun reload
  11. High and long jump
  12. No recoil
  13. No login or signup required
  14. Ads-free

Final words:

The 90K Special VIP Injector APK allows you to beat your opponents’ team players and win the match. In addition, it will enable you to play against professional players to polish your skills. In addition, all premium menu items can be accessed for free, so you don’t have to pay anything. You are free here to unlock your favorite skin and wear your favorite dresses. It is a complete and perfect tool to download the application and enjoy the game easily.

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